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AIS supplies services for getting business processes in control

and/or to keep it in control.


As a partner, we are doing this over 10 years now via Interim Management, BPM projects, ERP implementations, Outsourcing  and Secondment.


With AIS you get a precious network with a team of professionals who perform assignments ambitious, deliberate and reliable.

Interim Management

Performing temporary positions in a professional way; Line Manager or Project Manager in Accounting, Control, Outsourcing, Reorganization, Reporting & Analyses.

ERP implementations

Comprehensive knowledge and experience with functional requirements, technical requirements, data migration, training programms, support, stake holder management and overall project management. Unique because of the capability to deliver this total package what’s needed for a complete implementation and unique because of the many years of experience with international deployments at big companies. Specialized in Unit4 Business World On! (former Agresso).



BPM & Internal Control

Describe, advise, manage and guiding. Everything which has to do with embedding accountabilities, responsibilities, segregation of duties and risks. The interralationships and efficient integration of business processes are key. Deliverables: Business Process Manuals, Accounting Manuals, Internal/ external audits and market-specific recognized certifications.

Secondment / subcontracting

AIS is on the search for TopTalents for coöperation! With our joint network, we are a strong partner for filling the need for capacity and responding to the increasing demand for TopTalents. The organizational structure of AIS complies to all legal conditions and social security legislation to recruit and to supply employees via flexible contracts.

Marco Alderlieste

Between 1991 and 2003 performed multiple management positions in Finance & Control. Continuously exposed to mergers and reorganizations. Started as entrepreneur in 2004. The first years been working with a capacity of 50 till 100 employees in a strategically strong changing market for maintance of  real estate (B2B). After this period till now, over 10 years active as Interim Manager / Project Manager related to the above mentioned disciplines for mainly large internationals,  including listed companies with a size up to 40.000 employees. Been working in about 15 countries in North America, Europe, Africa and Asië.

AIS bv

Dorpsstraat 21, 3451 BH  Vleuten, The Netherlands

P.O. Box 302, 4140 AH  Leerdam, The Netherlands

+31 30 743 5671   or   +31 6 5125 4368

CoC; Midden Nederland 58945733

VAT id; NL.853.249.465.B01

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